Yamauchi Toyoshige

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  • Born: 1827
  • Died: 1872
  • Other Names: 山内 容堂 (Yamauchi Youdou)
  • Japanese: 山内 豊信 (Yamauchi Toyoshige)

This hard-drinking lord of Tosa was one of the most respected men during the Bakumatsu period. Although a staunch supporter of the Tokugawa, Yôdô read the times correctly and shifted his allegiance to the restoration of Imperial Rule. Although forced into retirement in 1859 during the Ansei Purge, Yôdô still managed to control han politics until he retired completely from politics and fettered away his remaining days drinking heavily until his death in 1872. Although he never met Sakamoto Ryôma, it was Yôdô who passed on Ryôma's memorial to Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu, urging the Shogun to resign peacefully and cede political control back to the throne, which he did.

His elder sister Maki 真喜 married Rokujô Ariosa in 1855.[1]


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