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Gaijin.png This User
has been personally called a
on numerous occasions.
Shirosp.png This user specializes in
Japanese Castles.
Study.png This user has a college degree in
Japanese Language.
Koku.png This user sees
much historical value in
counting rice.
Moviesp.png This user specializes in
Samurai movies and Jidaigeki.
Sengokusp.png This user specializes in the
Sengoku Period.
Nihongolevel3.png This user has an
Advanced knowledge of Japanese.
Sumu.png This user
lives in Japan.

What can I say, I'm a geek for counting rice...

Article to-do list

  • Kandaka
  • Kokudaka
  • Evolution of the kokushi titles
  • Expand Shugo
  • Jito
  • Shoen
  • Hurt Nagaeyari
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