Tsuzuki Mineshige

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  • Titles: Suruga-no-kami
  • Other Names: 金三郎 (Kinzaburô)
  • Japanese: 都築峰重 (Tsuzuki Mineshige)

Tsuzuki Mineshige was a Tokugawa shogunate official who served as Shimoda bugyô from 1854 to

He was reassigned from Sado bugyô to Shimoda bugyô on 1854/4/22, holding the position concurrently with Isawa Masayoshi. Alongside Isawa, Ido Satohiro, Hayashi Fukusai, Udono Nagatoshi, and others, he met with Commodore Perry and Commodore Henry Adams on a number of occasions, and played a role in organizing the exchange of ratification instruments for the Convention of Kanagawa, which took place on 1855/1/5.


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