Tokugawa Yoshiatsu

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Tokugawa Yoshiatsu was the second to last lord of Mito han. He was the eldest son of Tokugawa Nariaki, succeeding him as lord of Mito upon Nariaki's forced retirement and house confinement in 1844.

He married his first cousin, a niece of his mother Yoshiko, in 1853.[1]

In 1868, while traveling to Mito, he contracted beriberi, and died of it upon his arrival in the domain, with no heir having been named. His younger brother, Tokugawa Akitake, who had been studying in France, left for Japan, arriving after the fall of the shogunate.


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Preceded by
Tokugawa Nariaki
Lord of Mito
Succeeded by
Tokugawa Akitake
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