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  • Born: 1829/1/19
  • Died: 1881/10/3
  • Titles: 准后宮 (Jugôgû)
  • Other Names: 桂准后 (Katsura jugô), 淑子内親王 (Sumiko naishinnô, Imperial Princess Sumiko)
  • Japanese: 敏宮 (Toki no miya)

Toki-no-miya, also known as Imperial Princess Sumiko and by a number of other names and titles, was the third daughter of Emperor Ninkô and elder sister to Emperor Kômei. Her mother was Azechi Naishinosuke Tenji Kanroji Kiyoko.

She was engaged to be married to Prince Kan'in Naruhito, but he died before their marriage and she remained unmarried after that. She was named naishinnô (Imperial Princess) in 1842, became the 11th head of the Katsura-no-miya house in 1862, and was granted the First Rank and the title of jugô.

Toki-no-miya died in 1881 at the age of 53.


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