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  • Japanese: 為吉 (Tameyoshi)

Tameyoshi was a late 16th century Ryûkyû Kingdom official from Amami Ôshima.

Adopted by Tameaki, the third generation head of a lineage overseeing portions of Amami as officials in service to the Ryukyuan royal court, Tameyoshi traveled to Okinawa Island in his youth to request recognition as his father's successor. The royal court at Shuri granted him this, and a yellow hachimaki court cap as marker of his status.

Leaving Okinawa to return to Amami Ôshima, however, Tameyoshi was presumably lost in a storm or otherwise lost at sea and there is no further record of him. An official named Tamekoro is identified in the records as his legitimate son, and followed after his predecessors in the lineage, studying at Shuri and then returning to Amami to take up an official post.


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