Takausu gusuku

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  • Japanese: 高腰城 (takausu gusuku)

Takausu gusuku was a Ryukyuan gusuku-style fortress located on Miyako Island (Miyakojima). While Okinawa Island was home to a great many gusuku in the 13th-14th centuries, Takausu was one of only a few known to have been built in the Miyako or Yaeyama Islands.

The gusuku was built atop a hill roughly 113 meters above sea level, and covered an area roughly 40 meters from north to south, by 70 meters east to west. The stone walls of the fortress were built in the nozura style.


  • Gallery labels, "Distribution of Gusuku on the Islands," Okinawa Prefectural Museum.[1]

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