Taigen Sessai

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  • Born: 1496
  • Died: 1555
  • Other names: Sessai Chôro
  • Distinction: Imagawa retainer
  • Japanese: 太原 雪斎 (Taigen Sessai)

Sessai was a younger son of Imagawa Yoshitada and an uncle to Imagawa Yoshimoto. He was a Buddhist monk who had served as the abbot of the Myôshinji in Kyoto before returning to Suruga province and taking up the abbot's position at the Rinzaiji. Sessai was a capable military commander and Yoshimoto came to rely upon him as his chief general and strategist. He defeated the Oda at Azukizaka in 1548 and forced the Oda to return Anjo castle in 1549. Before his death, he helped broker the Hojo-Takeda-Imagawa Alliance at the Zentoku-ji temple.


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