Sokei Chugi

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  • Born: 1686/11/11
  • Died: 1749/10/30
  • Chinese-style name: 伊世高 (Isekou)
  • Japanese: 惣慶忠義 (Sokei Chuugi)

Sokei Chûgi was a Ryukyuan scholar-official and poet, counted among the Ryukyuan sanjûrokkasen ("36 Immortals of Poetry").

He inherited Kin magiri from his father, along with the position of jitô of Sokei, gaining the title Sokei peechin. He was famous for his waka and ryûka poetry, as well as Japanese-style prose, and some of his writings are included in the Ukinawa gabunshû which he helped compile, and other collections of Ryukyuan poetry.

At age 30, he became an official compiler of the aristocratic family registers (keizu). However, after being accused of misconduct by his relatives, he was exiled, twice, to either Miyako or Yaeyama, eventually dying in Miyako.


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