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Movie Information

Shogun Sexecutioner II Japanese One-Sheet
  • Japan, 2008
  • Language: Japanese
  • Color


Orugasuma Eito (Brick McBurly), former Shogunal executioner, who lost his job and status because he was playing around in the O'oku (Shogun Sexecutioner), is back and up to his usual escapades. Maruhanki, a wealthy kimono merchant in Edo, hires Orugasuma to assassinate a daimyo-none other than Asano Naganori, Lord of Ako. The film takes place in late 1700, a little before the famous incident in Edo's Hall of Pines involving Asano and the hapless Lord Kira. The lecherous Asano had his way with Maruhanki's wife, O-Sukurichi, and the shame of the incident can only be cleansed by the flowing of Asano's blood. Orugasuma is given his contract and proceeds to start hunting down his target. But Asano, as dumb as he is, has a few sharp retainers who figure out that Orugasuma is after their lord. They wisely hide Asano in the notorious Yoshiwara red-light district, where their daimyo can lay low and indulge in his lecherous ways. Orugasuma gets wind of where Asano is hiding and happily trails him into the Yoshiwara. He rationalizes it as "Why not mix a little business with pleasure?"

Shogun Sexecutioner II Japanese Publicity Shot

Orugasuma proceeds to enter a brothel, expecting to find Asano, but is instead attacked by a horde of working gals who have been paid-off by Asano's retainers. Eito is stripped down to his fundoshi and forced to strut his stuff for the ladies in a latticed cage, reversing the norm and making a strong social statement at the same time. But the crafty Eito, deciding to make the most of the situation, turns his confinement into a stage show of sorts and becomes extremely popular with the ladies and a source of income for the brothel's mama-san. Ladies from all the houses are soon coming to see his show. After raking in 500 ryo in a three day period, Eito is set free and given a free run of the house and finds himself being asked to help many a beautiful lady wash their back in the bath.

But what about Asano? Has Orugasuma forgotten his mark? Well, winter has set in, and Orugasuma decides to stay where it's warm and cozy. Asano has not been forgotten, but he can wait. In the meantime, the Ako retainers send ninja after Orugasuma and between taking care of the ladies and ninjers, Eito stays quite busy-buying time for Asano to sneak out of the Yoshiwara so he can attend to his official duties at Edo Castle. The movie ends in 1703-with Orugasuma realizing that he really has spent too much time in the Yoshiwara and it's time to ramble on. Asano is dead-he proceeded to get himself in a lot of trouble and had to commit seppuku in March 1701, but a grudge match with the ronin of Ako looms on the horizon.

Critical Reaction

"McBurly is the Ron Jermey of Jidai-Geki films"-The Samurai Archives


The sequel, the third and final installment of the Shogun Sexecutioner series, is tentatively called The 69th Ronin. Pre-production activity for this film is underway.


  • Brick McBurly
  • Uchiyama Rina
  • Toshiyuki Nishida


  • Director: Chiba Naomasa
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