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  • Born: 1624
  • Died: 1677
  • Other Names: Shin-Chûnagon, Sono Kuniko

Shin-Kôgimon-in was the last favorite consort of Emperor Go-Mizunoo, and the mother of two Imperial princesses and four Imperial princes, one of whom went on to take the throne as Emperor Reigen (r. 1663-1687).

Her children included four sons, Gyôjo (1640-1695, abbot at Myôhô-in), Shinkei (1649-1707, abbot at Ichijô-in), Sonshô (1651-1694, abbot at Shôren-in), and Emperor Reigen (1654-1732), and two daughters, Shinanomiya Tsuneko (1642-1702), who went on to marry Konoe Motohiro, and Eikyô (1657-1686), who became abbess at Daishô-ji.

It is said that she and her children, along with her son-in-law Konoe Motohiro, but with the exception of Emperor Reigen, formed a close-knit clique within the Imperial Court, constantly paying one another visits and engaging in social and cultural activities together.

She was posthumously elevated to jugô, a rank just below that of Empress.[1]


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