Shimousa province

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Japanese:下総国(Shimousa no kuni) or 総州(Sôshû)

Present northern Chiba prefecture, southern Ibaraki prefecture, eastern edges of Saitama prefecture and Tokyo.

Han In Shimousa


  • Katsushika district 葛飾郡
  • Sôma district 相馬郡
  • Chiba district 千葉郡
  • Inba district 印旛郡
  • Shimohabu district 下埴生郡
  • Katori district 香取郡
  • Kaijô district 海上郡
  • Sôsa district 匝瑳郡
  • Yuki district 結城郡
  • Sashima district 猿島郡
  • Toyoda district 豊田郡
  • Okada district 岡田郡
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