Shimazu Hisanaru

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  • Born: 1819
  • Died: 1870
  • Other Names: 下総 (Shimousa), 左衛門 (Saemon)
  • Japanese: 島津 久徴 (Shimazu Hisanaru)

Shimazu Hisanaru, also known as Shimousa and Saemon, was a prominent Shimazu clan retainer of the 19th century, who served under three daimyô: Shimazu Narioki, Nariakira, and Tadayoshi. Born into the clan ruling over Hioki, he was hired by Nariakira, but disagreed with karô Shimazu Hisataka (Bungo) and retired. He then replaced Bungo as leading karô, and became one of the protectionist / national defense faction. When he refused to join or support Hisamitsu’s missions being dispatched to Kyoto, he was forced to retire a second time.


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