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Senjôgahara covered in snow.
  • Japanese: 戦場ヶ原 (Senjougahara)

Senjôgahara, the name of which literally translates to "battlefield field," is a large field of dry grasslands located to the north of Lake Chûzenji, near the city of Nikkô. Despite the name of the site, it is unclear if any specific battle of any fame actually occurred here.

It sits 1400 meters above sea level, comprising the majority of the area of a depression surrounded by Mt. Nantai, Mt. Ômanago, Mt. Tarô, Mitake, and Takayama, and has been designated a Special Protection Area as part of Nikkô National Park.

The depression was once a lake, formed as part of the volcanic activity of Mt. Nantai, and much of the earth of Senjôgahara is made from pumice or other volcanic rocks.


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