Sashiki gusuku

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  • Other Names: 佐敷上城 (Sashiki ui gusuku)
  • Japanese: 佐敷城 (Sashiki gusuku)

Sashiki gusuku was a fortress and sacred site in southern Okinawa, in what is today Nanjô City. It was the seat of power of both Shô Shishô and Shô Hashi in the late 14th to early 15th centuries prior to them seizing the throne of the kingdom of Chûzan. Shô Shishô is buried at Sashiki yôdore, a royal tomb nearby but outside of the gusuku grounds.[1]

Following the overthrow of the First Shô Dynasty and establishment of the Second Shô Dynasty by Shô En in 1470, Sashiki was left to simply fall into ruin. Tsukishiro Shrine, established on the grounds by Shô Hashi, was later rebuilt in 1938.


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