Sanyabori Canal

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A section of the canal, today a public park in Asakusa
  • Other Names: 吉原通い (Yoshiwara kayoi), 山谷通い (san'ya kayoi)
  • Japanese: 山谷堀 (San'ya bori)

The San'yabori is a canal in Tokyo, extending some 700 meters from a metropolitan waterworks pump station to the Sumidagawa. Originally constructed in the early Edo period, it has its origins at the Otonashigawa, and passes past the north side of Asuka-yama and below Ôji-gongen; in the Edo period, riding a chokibune (small, swift riverboat) up the canal was a popular way of traveling to the Yoshiwara.

Nine bridges originally crossed the canal (Nihon-tsutsumi-bashi, Jikata-bashi, Jikata-shinbashi, Kamiarai-bashi, San'yabori-bashi, Shôhôji-bashi, Yoshino-bashi, Shôten-bashi, and Imado-bashi), but all have been lost in the course of urban development. Sections of the canal are today maintained as a public park.


  • Plaques on-site.[1]
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