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About the Task Force page

The mission of the Emperors of Japan task force is to create a cohesive database of biographies, myths, dates, and anything else applicable to the Emperors of Japan. Please do not use Wikipedia. Do your own research instead of simply trying to fill pages with information. History isn't a popularity contest, nor does quantity rise about quality. Hopefully the SamuraiWiki can be a beacon of quality, even if that means sacrificing quantity.

Use the Talk Page to communicate directly with other task force members with specific questions. When you join, feel free to put put: {{EJTF member}} on your user page to display your status as a member of this task force.


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Useful Sources (English)

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To do list: Biographies

The following table presents all the Emperors from Jimmu to Juntoku. Many on this page (as well as on the Emperors of Japan page) need to be linked. Also, many need correct romanization and macrons. Therefore, please don't blindly attach links.

Jimmu Gemmei
Suizei Genshô(Yoro)
Annei Shomu
Kôshô Koken(Shotoku)
Kôan Junnin
Kôrei Shotoku(Koken)
Kôgen Konin
Kaika Kammu
Sujin Heizei
Suinin Saga
Keiko Junna
Seimu Nimmyo
Chûai Montoku
Jingû Seiwa
Ôjin Yozei
Nintoku Koko
Richû Uda
Hanzei Daigo
Ingyô Suzaku
Ankô Murakami
Yûryaku Reizei
Seinei Enyu
Kenso Kazan
Ninken Ichijô
Buretsu Sanjo
Keitai Go-Ichijô
Ankan Go-Suzaku
Senka Go-Reizei
Kimmei Go-Sanjo
Bidatsu Shirakawa
Yomei Horikawa
Sujun Toba
Suiko Sutoku
Jomei Konoe
Kogyoku(Saimei) Go-Shirakawa
Kotoku (Taika) Nijô
Saimei Rokujô
Tenji Takakura
Kobun Antoku
Temmu Go-Toba
Jito Tsuchimikado
Mommu Juntoku



To do list: Other

  • Add macrons to all the biography links in the Emperors of Japan article: i.e. [[Chuai|Chûai]], then the same in the table above.
  • Get the correct romanization for the Emperors article as well as the table above.
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