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*''Died: [[1853]]/8/10''
*''Died: [[1853]]/8/10''
*''Titles: Gagaku no kami''
*''Titles: Uta no kami''
*''Japanese'': [[酒井]] 忠宝 ''(Sakai Tadatomi)''
*''Japanese'': [[酒井]] 忠宝 ''(Sakai Tadatomi)''

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  • Died: 1853/8/10
  • Titles: Uta no kami
  • Japanese: 酒井 忠宝 (Sakai Tadatomi)

Sakai Tadatomi was a late Edo period head of the Sakai clan and lord of Himeji han.

Adopted into the Sakai clan, he was married to Kiso-hime, a daughter of Sakai Tadanori and Kiyo-hime; following Tadanori's death, Tadatomi succeeded him as lord of Himeji.

Tadatomi then adopted, in turn, a son of Miyake Yasunao, lord of Tahara han, to serve as his successor. The son took the name Sakai Tadateru. Upon Tadatomi's death in 1853, Tadateru succeeded him as head of the house and lord of Himeji. He was promoted to tamari-tsume daimyô in 1854.[1]

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