Oroku Ryoei

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  • Titles: 小禄親雲上 (Oroku peechin)
  • Japanese: 小禄良潁 (Oroku Ryouei)

Oroku Ryôei was a Ryukyuan scholar-official who served as gakusei (head chamber musician) on the 1764 Ryukyuan embassy to Edo, and the following year was named udui bujô (Magistrate of Dance).

Following the mission's return in 1765, he performed Noh for the 85th birthday of the kikoe-ôgimi, and was named Dance Magistrate shortly afterward. In 1779, he was elevated to the title of Sanshikan zashiki.

His grandson Oroku Ryôkyô also served in prominent posts in receiving Chinese investiture envoys and on missions to Edo.


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