Odawara-shu shoryo yakucho

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  • Date: 1559
  • Japanese: 小田原衆所領役帳 (Odawara shuu shoryou yakuchou)

The Odawara-shû shoryô yakuchô is a 1559 register of the retainers of the Go-Hôjô clan. It is, perhaps, the only surviving document of its kind, making it a very valuable resource for historians investigating the relationship between Sengoku daimyô and their retainers.

Roughly five hundred retainers are listed in the document, along with the location and kandaka value of their holdings, military strength, and yakudaka (a measure or ranking of military obligation to their lord). The actual number of men a given retainer was obliged to contribute, however, is not listed in the yakuchô.


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