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  • Japanese/Chinese: 寄松 (Ô Kishô / Wēng Jìsōng)

Ô Kishô, or Wēng Jìsōng, was a Ryukyuan scholar-bureaucrat and member of the Sanshikan - the top royal council in the Ryûkyû Kingdom - in the early years of the 17th century.

Though appointed to the Sanshikan in 1601, the highest position a scholar-aristocrat outside of the royal lineage could hope to attain, he was stripped not only of his post but also of his noble status in 1605 due to accusations by fellow court official Jana Teidô. The content of these accusations is unclear, but it is presumed that this emerged out of political rivalry or factionalism rather than, necessarily, actual wrongdoing on Kishô's part. He was cleared of the accusations and restored to his position in 1608.


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