Narumi castle

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Narumi Tenjin Shrine, on the former site of Narumi castle
  • Built: c. 1394, Yasuhara Munenori
  • Other Names: 根古屋城 (Negoya jou)
  • Japanese: 鳴海城 (Narumi jou)

Narumi castle was a Muromachi and Sengoku period castle also known as Negoya castle. The former site of the castle is located in what later became the Tôkaidô post-station of Narumi-juku, within the boundaries of today's Nagoya City.

Originally built around 1394 by Yasuhara Munenori, the castle was ardently defended during the 1560 battle of Okehazama by Okabe Motonobu, retainer to Imagawa Yoshimoto.

The castle is believed to have been demolished sometime after 1573.


  • Plaques on-site.[1]
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