Mori Tadamasa

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  • Born: 1570
  • Died: 1634
  • Other Names: Hashiba Tadamasa, Toyotomi Tadamasa
  • Distinction: Toyotomi retainer

Tadamasa was the sixth son of Mori Yoshinari and succeeded his elder brother Nagayoshi after the latter's death in 1584. He was given special honors by Toyotomi Hideyoshi to increase his prestige in Mino province, including use of the names Hashiba and Toyotomi. During the Sekigahara Campaign he joined the army under Tokugawa Hidetada and was present for the abortive siege of Ueda castle in Shinano. In 1603 he was transferred from Mino to Mimasaka province, where he received Tsuyama and an income of 185,000 koku.


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