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  • Titles: Izumo no kami
  • Other Names: 十郎兵衛 (Jûrôbei)
  • Japanese: 松本 穀実 (Matsumoto Kokujitsu)

Matsumoto Kokujitsu was a Tokugawa shogunate official involved in engagement with Western representatives in the 1850s.

While a metsuke in 1853-1854, Kokujitsu was ordered to take part in inspection tours around the port of Uraga and the reception of the embassies of Commodore Perry and Yevfimy Vasilyevich Putyatin. He was also assigned in 1854 to contribute to the reception of a Korean embassy to Edo, though that embassy never materialized. In the course of this work, he was frequently dispatched to Uraga and Shimoda, and worked alongside, or under, figures such as Tsutsui Masanori, Kawaji Toshiakira, Togawa Anchin, Ido Hiromichi, Isawa Masayoshi, and Koga Masaru.

In 1856, he was reassigned to the post of Nishinomaru Rusui, and was then assigned to help oversee repair efforts at Nikkô Tôshôgû following a major earthquake at the end of 1854.

In 1858, Kokujitsu was named Fushin bugyô, before being reassigned to Sakuji bugyô the following year.

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