Matsudaira Katamori

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  • Birth: 1835
  • Death: 1893
  • Titles: Higo no kami
  • Childhood name: Keinosuke
  • Other names: Masane Reishin (Shinto name)
  • Japanese: 松平 容保 (Matsudaira Katamori)

Katamori was born as a son of Lord Matsudaira Yoshitatsu of Takasu han. He was adopted by Matsudaira Katataka of Aizu han in 1846.

In 1862, he was apointed as the Military Commissioner of Kyoto and took 1000 Aizu Samurai to Kyoto in December.

While in Kyoto, he used the Shinsengumi to maintain public peace.


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