Matsudaira Chikayoshi (1665-1725)

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  • Born: 1665/7/24
  • Died: 1725/8/24
  • Other Names: 松平昭貞 (Matsudaira Akisada), 松平昭因 (Matsudaira Akiyori), 松平近治 (Matsudaira Chikaharu), 松平巳之助 (Matsudaira Minosuke)
  • Japanese: 松平近禎 (Matsudaira Chikayoshi)

Matsudaira Chikayoshi was the third Edo period daimyô of Funai han in Bungo province.

The second son of Matsudaira Chikanobu, Chikayoshi was a member of the Ogyû Matsudaira clan. He succeeded his father as lord of Funai in 1705, and was later named sôshaban and Jisha bugyô (Magistrate of Temples & Shrines). In the latter post, he played a role in the reception of Korean embassies to Edo in 1711 and 1719.

He died on 1725/8/24 at the age of 61.


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