Makino Tadatoki

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  • Born: 1665/1/4
  • Died: 1722/8/6
  • Titles: Suruga-no-kami, lord of Nagaoka han (1674-1722)
  • Other Names: 牧野忠郷 (Makino Tadasato), 老之助 (Rônosuke)
  • Japanese: 牧野忠辰 (Makino Tadatoki)

Makino Tadatoki was the third Edo period daimyô of Nagaoka han in Echigo province.

The eldest son of daimyô Makino Hida-no-kami Tadanari, Tadatoki succeeded his father in 1674 at the age of ten. He is known for his revisions of various laws and policies for the samurai, townsmen, and villagers of his domain, and for land reclamation efforts. In 1711 and 1719 he was called upon by the Tokugawa shogunate to organize and oversee the reception (lodgings, meals, etc.) of Korean envoys in Edo.

Tadatoki died on 1722/8/6 at the age of 58.


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