Koriki Tanenobu

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  • Died: 1831/7/3
  • Other Names: 猿猴庵 (Enkouan)
  • Japanese: 高力種信 (Kouriki Tanenobu)

Kôriki Tanenobu, also known as Enkôan, was a prominent Nagoya-based book collector and illustrator, as well as being a samurai retainer of the Owari Tokugawa clan.

Tanenobu was self-taught in book illustration, studying ukiyo-e styles and projection drawing techniques on his own, and producing images mainly of festivals and other popular and public gatherings.

His students included Odagiri Shunkô. He died on 1831/7/3 at the age of 76. Many of Tanenobu's diaries survive today, serving as valuable historical sources.


  • Yokoyama Manabu 横山学, Ryûkyû koku shisetsu torai no kenkyû 琉球国使節渡来の研究, Tokyo: Yoshikawa kôbunkan (1987), 211-212n18.
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