Konoe Tadahiro

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  • Japanese: 近衛 忠煕 (Konoe Tadahiro)

Konoe Tadahiro was a late Edo period court noble, known for his close relationships with the Shimazu clan and other notable houses. He held the title of Udaijin.

Tadahiro married Iku-hime, a daughter of Shimazu Narioki. Their biological daughters included Tadako, who was later married to Tsugaru Tsuguakira. His adopted daughters included both Konoe Tomoko (Tsuna-hime), a daughter of Takatsukasa Masahiro who later married Date Yoshikuni (lord of Sendai han), and Atsu-hime, a daughter of Shimazu Tadatake who married Shogun Tokugawa Iesada.

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