Kaneko Jusuke

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  • Died: 1855/1/11
  • Other Names: 貞吉 (Sadakichi), 渋木松太郎 (Shibaki Matsutarô), 市木 公太 (Ichiki Kôta)
  • Japanese: 金子重輔 (Kaneko Jûsuke)

Kaneko Jûsuke was a Chôshû domain who was stripped of his samurai status and later imprisoned for crimes committed alongside Yoshida Shôin.

On 1854/3/27, Kaneko and Yoshida snuck aboard Commodore Perry's flagship, anchored at Shimoda, and asked that Perry take them overseas. He refused, and the pair turned themselves in to Tokugawa shogunate authorities the next day. The pair were imprisoned at Tenma-chô in Edo for a time, before being sent to Chôshû to be kept under house arrest.

Kaneko died in prison at Noyama in Chôshû on 1855/1/11. He was later posthumously granted the Senior Fifth Rank.


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