Kagoshima Five Shrines

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The Kagoshima branch shrine of Kasuga Shrine
  • Japanese: 鹿児島五社 (Kagoshima gosha)

The Kagoshima Five Shrines was a group of five Shinto shrines in the city of Kagoshima, with strong connections to the Shimazu clan, and which members of the clan visited regularly across the year in the Edo period.

The five were Minakata Shrine, and local branches of Kasuga Shrine, Inari shrine, Yasaka Shrine, and Wakamiya Shrine.

Minakata Shrine was the head of the five, and was also known as Suwa Daimyôjin. Yasaka Shrine, a branch of the Yasaka Shrine in the Gion neighborhood of Kyoto, was also known as Gion Shrine. And the Kasuga Shrine was built in the 1050s by the Haseba clan, at the same time as Tôfukuji castle, which for centuries was the chief center of the city. The one-hundred-ship fleet which invaded the Ryukyu Kingdom in 1609 departed from a set of docks in the immediate vicinity of this shrine.


  • Plaques on-site in Kanmachi, Kagoshima.[1]
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