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  • Established: early 1240s
  • Japanese: 承天寺 (Jouten-ji)

Jôten-ji is a major Zen temple in Hakata, considered the second most notable or important temple in the city after the Shôfuku-ji.

It was established in the early 1240s, following the return of the Japanese Buddhist monk Enni from his studies in China. Hakata merchant Xie Guoming, along with other members of the local Chinese merchant community, organized the purchase of land from Hakozaki Shrine for the establishment of the temple. Enni was named its first abbot.

Following Enni's death, Shôni Tsunesuke, supervisor of foreign trade at Dazaifu and shogun’s viceroy for northern Kyushu, was entrusted with supervision of the temple.


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