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Hirose han was a branch domain of Matsue han, based in Izumo province. Ruled by a branch of the Echizen Matsudaira clan of Matsue, castle-holder daimyô assigned to the Teikan-no-ma of Edo castle, Hirose had a kokudaka of 30,000 koku.[1]

The domain was formed in 1666, when Matsudaira Naomasa, lord of Matsue, granted the 30,000 koku domain to his second son, Matsudaira Chikayoshi. Chikayoshi's younger brother, Matsudaira Takamasa, was granted a 10,000 koku branch domain known as Mori han at that same time. Chikayoshi had his domain reduced by half in 1682, as the result of an Echigo succession dispute, but it was restored in 1694.[2]

Matsudaira Naohiro, lord of Hirose at the time, was elevated in 1850 to jôshu (castle-holder) status in recognition of his diligent service.[3]

Lords of Hirose

  1. Matsudaira Chikayoshi (1632-1717)


  1. Matsudaira Naohiro (d. 1850)


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