Hino Sukekatsu

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  • Born: 1577
  • Died: 1639
  • Other Names: 涼源院 (Ryougen-in)
  • Japanese: 日野 資勝 (Hino Sukekatsu)

Hino Sukekatsu was a kugyô and imperial official in the court of Empress Meishô in the 1630s. A son of Hino Terusuke, he was appointed buke tensô, a role liaising between the court and the warrior houses, in 1630. He was granted the title of Gon-dainagon and the Senior Second Rank by Empress Meishô.

His diary, Ryôgen-in ki, also known as Sukekatsu kyôki, is a valuable primary source on events within the imperial court in that period.

He died in 1639 at the age of 63.


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