Goryo Shrine

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Torii at the entrance to Goryô Shrine.
  • Other Names: 五霊神社 (goryou jinja)
  • Japanese: 御霊神社 (goryou jinja)

Goryô Shrine is a Shinto shrine in the Hase area of the city of Kamakura, dedicated to the spirit of Kamakura Gongorô Kagemasa. Other shrines by the same name exist throughout the country, dedicated to the shrines of local ancestor spirits, and to protection from angry spirits.

The Kamakura shrine, also known as Hase Goryô Shrine, was once dedicated to the founders of five branch families of the Taira clan (Heike) - namely, the Nagao, Ôniwa, Muraoka, Kajiwara, and Kamakura families. The shrine later came to be dedicated chiefly to Kamakura Gongorô Kagemasa, who fought under Minamoto no Yoshiie in the Gosannen War of the 1080s. It is also associated with Fukurokuju, one of the Seven Lucky Gods, and is thus considered one of the "Kamakura Seven Lucky Gods" sites.


  • Pamphlets obtained at shrine.
  • "Goryô jinja."

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