Funamoto Yashichiro

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  • Other Names: 船本顕定 (Funamoto Akisada)
  • Japanese: 船本弥七郎 (Funamoto Yashichirou)

Funamoto Yashichirô was a red seal ship trader who came to oversee the Nihonmachi in Quang Nam (central-southern Vietnam).

Originally from Nagasaki, Funamoto made eleven voyages between 1604 and 1635[1], sailing trading ships officially licensed by the shogunate and making port at various places in Southeast Asia. He came to play a role as an intermediary in diplomatic relations between the shogunate and Nguyen Hoang, ruler of Quang Nam.

Beginning in 1618, at the request of Nguyen Hoang, Funamoto supervised and managed the Japanese communities in Quang Nam on behalf of the Nguyen government.


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