Fuchibe Takateru

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Grave of Fuchibe Takateru at the Nanshû Cemetery in Kagoshima
  • Other Names: 群平 (Gunpei)
  • Japanese: 渕辺高照 (Fuchibe Takateru)

Fuchibe Takateru was a notable Satsuma commander in the Satsuma Rebellion.

Born in Kôrai-chô, Kagoshima City, Fuchibe rose to the rank of konoe shôsa (Major) and goeitai-chô (captain of the guard) in the Imperial Japanese Army before returning to Kagoshima in March 1877. He helped organize the Satsuma ninth battalion alongside Henmi Jûrôta and Beppu Kagenaga, and led the Hôyoku battalion in the battle of Hitoyoshi, where he was killed on June 1, 1877, at the age of 38.


  • Plaques on-site at Nanshû Cemetery, Kagoshima.[1]
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