Chaya Shirojiro Kiyotada

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  • Born: 1584
  • Died: 1603
  • Japanese: 茶屋四郎次郎清忠 (Chaya Shirôjirô Kiyotada)

Kiyotada was a significant textiles merchant in Edo, and official supplier to the shogunate. He took over the family textile business following the death in 1596 of his father, Chaya Shirôjirô Kiyonobu, and, having already served for a time as squire to Tokugawa Ieyasu, succeeded his father in his commercial relationship with the Tokugawa lord. Kiyotada fought at Sekigahara (1600), but died young, in 1603, at the age of nineteen. The family business was then taken over by his brother Chaya Shirôjirô Kiyotsugu.


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