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Azuma-bashi as it appears today, looking east, from the Asakusa side.
  • Built: 1774
  • Other Names: 大川橋 (Oogawa-bashi)
  • Japanese: 吾妻橋 (Azuma-bashi)

Azuma-bashi is a bridge in Tokyo which stretches across the Sumidagawa (Sumida River), connecting the Asakusa and Mukojima districts. It was originally erected in 1774, at which time it was called Ôgawa-bashi, since in the Edo period the Sumida was itself called simply Ôgawa ("Big" or "Great River").

Azuma-bashi was the traditional departure point from which people began their journey from Edo proper to the Shin-Yoshiwara pleasure quarters upriver. As such, it frequently appears in poetry, prose and imagery from the period, especially in ukiyo-e prints and paintings, and humorous writings related to the Yoshiwara.

Though originally a wooden bridge, Azuma-bashi has since been reconstructed in steel.


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