Assassination Orders (Movie)

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Movie Information

Japanese Title: Ansatsu Shirei

  • Japan, 1984
  • Language: Japanese
  • Color


Another superb performance by major star Takahashi Hideki as a graceful ronin swords-man highlights this violent tale of old Japan. The ronin, Sako Kanbei has to rescue the beautiful Princess Tsubaki from danger while young samurai of the Numata Clan stand up against their corrupt Chief Retainer and evil clan mistress. Kanbei wants to develop his swordsmanship only for himself, he finds that he has been implicated in a crime and must fight for justice in the ultimate battle to redeem his innocence. The swordplay in this film is reminiscent of the Lone Wolf and Cub series with its brutal and extended action sequences and awesome finale. A powerful motion picture about honor, love and cold steel!


  • Takahashi Hideki
  • Miyazaki Yoshiko
  • Natsuyagi Isao


  • Director: Kudo Eiichi

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