Adventure in Kigan Castle

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Poster for Adventure in Kigan Castle


Movie Information

Japanese Title: Kiganjo no Boken

  • Japan, 1966
  • Language: Japanese
  • Color


Conspiracy swirls in the King's castle! Raided by mysterious bandits! Spectacular action film that brings a storm to the great desert of death! Ensai, a monk who travels the Silk Road in seek of Buddha's relics, meets with O'osumi, a Japanese student, in the capital of Tung Huan. The two travel with a camel caravan and reach Pesil, a town in desert. There they find a dreadful conspiracy in Kigan Castle where the country's king resides.


  • Mifune Toshiro
  • Mihashi Tatsuya
  • Sato Makoto
  • Nakamaru Tadao


  • Director: Taniguchi Senkichi

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