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Ansei 2 (安政二年)

Timeline of 1855

  • Ansei 1/11/25 (Jan. 12) Commodore Perry arrives in New York.
  • Ansei 1/12/9 (Jan 26) The USS Powhatan returns to Shimoda with the ratification instruments for the Convention of Kanagawa, signed the previous year.
  • Ansei 1/12/21 (Feb 7) Treaty of Shimoda signed between Russia and Japan.
  • 1855/1/5 (Feb 21) Commander Adams of the Powhatan and Japanese representatives exchange ratified copies of the Convention of Kanagawa, completing the agreement process, and the Powhatan departs Japan the following day.
  • 1855/1/21 (March 9) The Ryûkyû-USA Treaty of Amity is ratified by the US Congress and officially announced by President Franklin Pierce.
  • 1855/5/19 A Ryukyuan mission to Edo departs from Naha.
  • 1855/5/29 The Ryukyuan mission to Edo arrives at Kagoshima.
  • 1855/10 French ships call at Ryûkyû.
  • 1855/10/2 Ansei Earthquake strikes Edo.
  • 1855/10/15 A Treaty of Amity is signed between France and the Kingdom of Ryûkyû, allowing a French mission to be established, and for Frenchmen to move freely within the kingdom.

Other Events of 1855

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