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(Timeline of 1854)
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*Architect [[Katayama Tokuma|Katayama Tôkuma]] is born (d. 1917).
*Architect [[Katayama Tokuma|Katayama Tôkuma]] is born (d. 1917).
*[[Tsubaki Chinzan]] dies (b. [[1801]]).
*[[Tsubaki Chinzan]] dies (b. [[1801]]).
*[[Yamanouchi Toyoatsu]], daimyô of [[Tosa han]], dies (b. [[1825]]).

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Kaei 7 (嘉永七年) / Ansei 1 (安政元年)

Timeline of 1854

  • Kaei 6/12/22-26 (Jan 20-24) Perry's fourth visit to Ryûkyû. Commodore Perry enters Shuri castle for the second time, as a mere show of authority, but is not granted an audience with any royals.
  • 1854/1/4-5 (Feb 1-2) Perry departs Ryûkyû for Edo.
  • 1854/1/11-24 (Feb 8-21) A Russian fleet under Yevfimy Vasilyevich Putyatin makes port in Naha.
  • 1854/1/14 (Feb 11) Perry's fleet arrives at Edo Bay.
  • 1854/2/29 (March 27) Crimean War: Britain and France declare war on Russia.
  • 1854/3/3 (March 31) The Convention of Kanagawa is concluded.
  • 1854/3/23 Putyatin's fleet arrives once again at Nagasaki.
  • 1854/4/5 The USS Saratoga makes port in Honolulu on its way back to the US from Japan.
  • 1854/5/17 (June 12) Board Incident - American sailor William Board assaults a woman in Naha (or is simply violently drunk more generally) and is killed by a mob of locals (or drowns on his own).
  • 1854/6/2 (June 26) Perry and his fleet depart Shimoda for the final time.
  • 1854/6/7 (July 1) Perry arrives in Ryûkyû for the fifth time.
  • 1854/6/13 There is a fire in the castle-town of Fukui. The fire spreads to more than a thousand homes.
  • 1854/6/17 (July 11) The Treaty of Amity between the Ryûkyû Kingdom and the United States is signed by Commodore Perry and the Ryukyuan officials Shô Kôkun and Ba Ryôsai.
  • 1854/6/23 (July 17) Perry and his fleet depart Ryûkyû for Hong Kong, taking Bernard Bettelheim with them.
  • 1854/int.7/15 (Sept 7) Rear Admiral Sir James Stirling comes to Nagasaki with four ships, seeking to attack Putyatin.
  • 1854/8/23 (Oct 14) The Anglo-Japanese Convention of 1854 is signed.
  • 1854/9/18 (Nov 8) Putyatin's fleet, led by the Diana, returns to Japan, landing first at Osaka, before being told to go to Shimoda instead.
  • 1854/11/4 (Dec 23) Ansei-Tôkai Earthquake: An earthquake and tsunami strike Shimoda and surrounding areas.
  • 1854/11/9 Ansei-Nankai Earthquake: An earthquake and tsunami hit the Nankaidô region.

Other Events of 1854

Births and Deaths

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