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Genroku 1 (元禄元年)

Timeline of 1688

Other Events of 1688

  • Chinese quarter at Nagasaki is established. Chinese trade is limited to 73 ships per year.
  • Ayutthaya royal junk trade at Nagasaki ends.
  • French East India Company occupies Bangkok and other regions, aiding in the Siamese war against the English. Constantine Phaulkon is arrested, and King Narai is succeeded by Phra Phetracha. The French are eventually convinced to quit their occupation of the city.
  • The Khalka Mongols of the northern Gobi come under Qing control
  • The Qing court increases the number of personnel allowed for Ryûkyû to send on its tribute missions to 200, and exempts the accompanying ships from tariffs.
  • Saikaku's Nihon eitaigura (The Eternal Storehouse of Japan) is published.
  • Satsuma han reduces the amount of silver Ryûkyû is to send to China to 706 kan.

Births and Deaths

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