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Keichô 15 (慶長十五年)

Timeline of 1610

  • 1610/1/9 Ieyasu orders daimyo to build Nagoya castle.
  • 1610/5/4 Hidetada allows commerce with Mexico.
  • 1610/7 Shimazu Iehisa brings envoy from Vietnam to Sunpu.
  • 1610/7/29 Prisoner of war King Shô Nei of Ryûkyû departs Fushimi for Sunpu.
  • 1610/8/8 Shô Nei is taken by Shimazu Iehisa to meet with Tokugawa Ieyasu at Sunpu.
  • 1610/8/18 Shimazu Iehisa hosts a banquet at which Shô Nei, Tokugawa Yorinobu, and Tokugawa Yorifusa, among others, are in attendance.
  • 1610/8/19 Shimazu Iehisa and Shô Nei are formally granted leave by Ieyasu, and are given gifts.
  • 1610/8/18 Shimazu Iehisa and Shô Nei depart Sunpu for Edo.
  • 1610/8/25 Shimazu Iehisa and Shô Nei arrive in Edo.
  • 1610/8/28 Shô Nei is granted an audience with Shogun Tokugawa Hidetada at Edo castle.
  • 1610/9 Inadome Ichimu teaches Inadomeryû Hôjutsu to Ieyasu and Hidetada.
  • 1610/9/3 Shimazu Iehisa and Shô Nei meet with Shogun Tokugawa Hidetada.

Other Events of 1610

Births and Deaths

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