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Keichô 15 (慶長十五年)

Timeline of 1610

Other Events of 1610

  • Emperor Go-Yôzei is succeeded by Emperor Go-Mizunoo.
  • San Buena Ventura journeys to Nueva España (Mexico).
  • Ayutthaya suppresses a rebellion of Japanese traders and a Laotian invasion. Ekothotsarat is succeeded by Songtham, who encourages trade with Japan and establishes a Japanese royal guard.
  • Japanese pirates allegedly attack and kill Temple Peadock, an Englishman in Cham territory. The King of Cambodia writes to the shogun to complain about such attacks.
  • Satsuma han begins a land survey of Ryûkyû (completed the following year).
  • The shogunate expels Spanish and Portuguese missionaries.

Births and Deaths

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